The people of Summit County have spoken: They want a Chick-fil-A |

The people of Summit County have spoken: They want a Chick-fil-A

Do you think Breckenridge would allow a Chick-fil-A on Main Street? Disclaimer: This is a Photoshopped photo. There is no Chick-fil-A in Breckenridge. We repeat ... no Chick-fil-A in Breckenridge.
Susan Gilmore

If Summit County could give you one wish, what would it be? In a very official poll on Facebook, we asked those who follow our page, “If there’s one thing Summit County needs, it’s _____?”

In less than two days, the post received more than 350 comments about housing, food, businesses and some that were just downright entertaining (“more single women”). Here’s the items that received the most votes in our, again, very official and scientific poll.

1. Affordable housing

Many of you got serious, citing the issues of affordable housing and livable wages. When a candidate who’s offered the executive director position at Summit Combined Housing Authority turns it down because housing is too expensive, you know there’s a problem. Short-term rentals were also listed as issues that stoke the fury of the local workforce when it comes to finding an affordable place to live. Late last year, the Summit Daily released a 13-part series that focused on the plight of Summit housing and the steps the county is taking to remedy the situation, like the dedicated sales-tax funds approved by voters in November.

Those funds, which are projected to raise around $7-8 million annually over 10 years countywide, are stirring up the interest of developers, who are floating ideas to local governments for public-private partnerships that could help alleviate Summit’s severe housing crunch.

Obviously this is a hot topic issue that should continue to be discussed.

Reader comments:

“More affordable housing…. but we all know that.” — Julie Coltman

“To keep our locals local. Yes — we need more workforce housing (thanks to Breck & David O’Neil for their work). But we need to address the root cause — we need higher paying jobs for locals and more support for innovation and entrepreneurship.” — Amy Kemp

2. A craft store

As much as Summiters are recreationally focused, they are also creative — and tired of driving down to Denver every time they want to work on their latest Pinterest project. A craft store, such as a Michaels or Hobby Lobby, was one of the top businesses on the list of wants. Surprisingly, no one requested a Jo-Anns, even though it’s open on Sundays.

Reader comments:

“A craft store! As a former Michaels’ employee, they are missing out on huge money out here, I hate driving to Boulder for craft, party, framing, and baking supplies!” — Victoria Hart Nestor

“Ha besides the less people……. we need a cool indoor place fun for kiddos and teens…oh AND a craft store!!!! Hobby Lobby or Michaels…….. something of the sort . Otherwise this county is perfect.” — Shawn Quam

“General art supply store would be a god send.” — Jessica Winter Long

3. Chick-fil-A, Sonic or Dairy Queen

Apparently, we all love to indulge in a little fast-food here and there when no one is looking. When the Dairy Queen in Silverthorne went out of business, locals were relegated to bland batter cake and runny soft serve that will spill everywhere if you flip it upside down. Most people who requested Chick-fil-A said only that: Chick-fil-A. Period.

Reader comments:

“A Sonic or Chick-Fil-A. Nothing like a Route 44 peach mango sweet tea after a day of riding.” — Austin Nettleton

“Carl’s Jr! I would trade every fast food restaurant in the county for one Carl’s Jr.” — Frank Klinger

4. Costco or Trader Joe’s

City Market and Safeway just aren’t cutting it for some of the Summit County residents. Costco was routinely cited as a need, as was Trader Joe’s. Jennifer Bikkál Horne even included a link on how to request a Trader Joe’s in your city. Maybe the company will listen if they get mass requests in the next few days.

Reader comments:

Another grocery store so that I never have to set foot in Dillon City Market again.” — Melissa Decker

Indoor kids’ playplace

Playing outside in Summit County isn’t always an option. When -30 degree weather rolls in, some parents just need a place to bring their children to get them out of the house. Luckily, the McDonald’s in Silverthorne right off I-70 chose to bulldoze the current building to replace it with a new and improved McDonald’s PlayPlace.

Reader comments:

Indoor play area for children under 5, parents take their kids to play in the aisles at Target during the winter months.” — Kristin Miller

Mcdonald playland coming this fall first step!!” — Shelley Snell

Other popular votes:

  • Public outdoor pool/waterpark
  • Better cell service with AT&T
  • Less hippies
  • Less people
  • Republicans
  • Me!

Other highlights:

“A time machine so I could zap myself back to 1973 when Breckenridge was the coolest little town on the planet! Oh how I loved living there!” — Shamus O’Toole

Affordable housing, a few more breweries, and a better attitude about tourists and gapers whom line our pockets with money.” — Dan Fabliaux

“An improved mental health care center. Too many young people choosing to end their lives in Summit County.” — Rachel Leamon

“More people who are grateful for living here.” — Mike Gionfriddo

“Less whining – you guys don’t know how lucky you are to live in such an awesome place. I come for a couple of weeks a year, and I would LOVE to live there!!!” — Gary Morgan

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