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The Summit Daily published its first issue Aug. 21, 1989. We have released the following stories in celebration of our history in Summit County.

Summit County mining history runs deep after prospectors first struck gold near Breckenridge in 1859

Adventurers and fortune-seekers made a mad dash across a wild country with nothing but a dream to keep them going.

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Creation and growth of Summit County’s ski areas shaped the mountain sports community

Breckenridge Ski Resort co-founder Trygve Berge once dreamed of Breckenridge resort offering skiing all the way north to Peak 1 in Frisco with a monorail connecting the two towns.

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The history of notorious outlaw Pug Ryan and the robbery at the Denver Hotel in Breckenridge

Just before midnight Aug. 11, 1898, a group of heavily armed robbers entered the Denver Hotel in Breckenridge. The target was the hotel safe, or rather the thousands of dollars owner Robert Foote was holding inside for others in safekeeping.

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How Dillon residents moved an entire town three times before the reservoir was filled

In 1956, nearly 100 years after Summit was founded as one of Colorado’s 18 original counties, the construction of Dillon Reservoir officially began, a singular event that would change Summit County forever.

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158 years of Summit County history

A timeline of events within Summit County’s history.

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30 years of Summit Daily front pages

See the front pages of the Summit Daily throughout history.

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