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Letter to the Editor: Illegal immigration and the Affordable Care Act contribute to healthcare woes

Chuck Savall

Health insurance premiums to increase by 49%. No surprise. In fact, quite predictable.

Visit healthinsurance.org, and you’ll see our government bragging that Colorado has added 780,000 people to Medicaid since the Affordable Care Act was passed 12 years ago. Medicaid equals welfare, any way you slice it. Currently, one-fourth of all Coloradans are on Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program, and this is a good thing? The very design of the Affordable Care Act is to make the working class pay for those unwilling to work or for those that have made life choices where they can never be productive members of society. Doesn’t seem like anything to brag about. 

The “Affordable” Care Act is exactly the opposite — unaffordable. When Affordable Care Act was implemented, sure, I was able to keep my policy, as promised. Only one problem, the premium for that policy quadrupled and in the last 12 years has doubled again — and is now going up another 49%. What’s next? Well, how about including health care for pregnant illegal immigrants and illegal immigrant children starting in 2025. That should help reduce premiums. Not! Are $8,000 deductibles on top of $1,500 per month premiums affordable? 

When a government program makes things worse, should we continue to dig in deeper? It’s way past time to repeal the Affordable Care Act and let the free market make health insurance affordable again.

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