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New Mexican restaurant to open in Frisco

November 10, 2019

FRISCO — Carlos Miguel’s, a former Mexican restaurant in Frisco, filed for bankruptcy in May and closed shortly thereafter. But not to fear, a new Mexican restaurant is taking its place. New owner Ramos Manuel...

BHH Partners principal leaves company after 32 years

November 10, 2019

BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge-based BHH Partners, Planners & Architects has announced that Michael Houx, principal of the company, is leaving to pursue other business opportunities. “Michael’s 32 years of service are appreciated and recognized for assisting...

Tacos Tequila loses liquor license, plans for renewal

November 10, 2019

DILLON — Dillon restaurant Tacos Tequila recently had its liquor license revoked. According to restaurant manager Manuel Gomez, this was due to the fact that the previous owner’s name was registered on the liquor license...

Slifer Designs hires a new marketing director

November 2, 2019

FRISCO — Slifer Designs has hired a new marketing director, Christin Maquire, to work amongst the company’s Summit County operations. Maquire previously served as marketing director for Vail Jazz. While at Vail Jazz, Maquire took...

Silverthorne business event draws over 100 attendees

October 20, 2019

SILVERTHORNE — On Oct. 16, Four Points Funding, a Colorado-based investment company, hosted a networking and educational presentation event called “The Summit: Investing, Startups and Real Estate in Mountain Towns.” The event was held at...