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Opinion | Susan Knopf: Grateful to be alive

November 28, 2019

Every Thanksgiving, I think how grateful I am to be here, to be alive. My maternal grandmother was the only one of my grandparents born in the United States. The rest arrived as immigrants in...

Opinion | Morgan Liddick: A real Schiff-storm

November 18, 2019

“I know a guy whose friend told him that he knows someone who overheard a White House staffer complain that President Donald Trump rented the Lincoln bedroom to Satan …” That wasn’t a statement from...

Opinion | Susan Knopf: Educated becoming more liberal

November 14, 2019

Apparently, a trending idea is that college-educated people are becoming more liberal. So says a 2015 Pew Research Center study, cited in a 2016 NPR story and more recently in an opinion piece written by...

Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Impeachment, then and now

October 28, 2019

Capitol Hill Democrats are now at the smear-by-faux-impeachment phase of their efforts to reverse the 2016 presidential election, so let’s review some of what the founders themselves thought about impeachment. Impeachment stirred a long discussion...