Austell should be embarrassed of supporting current administration |

Austell should be embarrassed of supporting current administration

Mike Austell’s Feb. 27 letter should be titled “Another Blind Right-Winger Makes Errors in Logic.” My recent letter blasting the Bush regime and current Republican ideology made no denials of Hussein’s murderous actions and repressive policies over 20 years. Hussein, like bin Laden, should be hunted down like dirty rats and prosecuted by world courts. Acting with the support of other nations, including those largely Muslim, would serve to disempower the terrorists. But that support is not forthcoming. Bush’s efforts at foreign policy, seeking support, have bombed, not because the world fails to see Hussein for who he is and what he’s done, but because Bush acts like an immature cowboy or bully. My letter simply pointed out that this will haunt U.S. relations with the world for decades. How does my knowledge and expression of these facts make me an “ostrich”?

On another point I made, fear-mongering by the Bushites: Homeland Security issues “orange alerts,” not telling us from where the threat originates, only that we should “be afraid, be very afraid, America.” This is political manipulation with fear; all the bad guys in history used this insidious tool to gain power and engineer their horrors upon the world. I don’t like to feel afraid and uncertain; I don’t like its economic effects. Everyone I speak to says business is “way off,” even my plumbing and heating business, unprecedented this time of year. Who suffers from economic doldrums? The working class, given high unemployment; millions without health insurance, millions more with inadequate insurance (that’s me); state governments in deep monetary doo-doo, with disintegrating services and myriad other national and state issues affecting people everyday. I used Sen. Robert Byrd’s quote on costs of occupying Afghanistan, $37 billion; others say more. Can war and setting up government in Iraq cost less? This while Bush wants tax breaks benefitting only the rich. These are facts anyone can document. I’m asking questions Bush isn’t addressing, Mr. Austell. How is my head in the snow?

About Congress: Yeah, why haven’t they declared war? Why haven’t they demanded Bush stop war preparations if they won’t declare war? Congress is shirking its duty to conduct business of the nation and to fulfill their constitutional obligation: to check the power of an out-of-control President, or to declare war. Thus, Congress has become irrelevant; Bush’s rich contributors run the nation and decide foreign and domestic policies. This, too, can be documented.

I have Republican friends, clients and associates. I certainly don’t dislike them, but I do despise current Republican ideology and its manifestations. My head is up, eyes wide open, and I ain’t likin’ what I’m seein’, Mr. Austell. You should stick your face in the snow sir, because it should be hot and red in embarrassment and shame for your supporting a government such as we have now. My face is red with anger, too. Big Business interests have supplanted democracy in America.

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