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Dillon candidate Q&A: What should the town do about the stalled Uptown 240 development?

This issue has been extremely frustrating and challenging. I have a direct view of the red crane from my home, so I empathize with locals who are sick of seeing the big pit and lack of progress on this project. Since it is private property, there have been challenges to actions the town could take. The owners still have intentions of finishing the project because many buyers have already paid for a condo.

We had to make the decision to be patient and stay out of a private matter and potential legal nightmare. Luckily, we are finally at the point where the owners will have to close on a new loan or sell the property within the next few months. We do believe the project will be completed, possibly by new owners. However, at this point, if the next deadline is missed, I’ll vote to do what we can do in our power to change the course of the project.

— Jen Barchers

It is my understanding that the project should receive funding (in the form of a bridge loan) necessary to recommence soon. Regardless, the town has been strung along with those assurances for some time and has been more than accommodating. If another extension is requested by the developers, the town must stand its ground and follow through with its default notice and lien, or in the alternative, require further assurances with some teeth, including grants of additional lien rights and performance bonds with definitive call dates in connection with any extension grant.

— Mark Cribbet

The original Uptown 240 developers broke ground in June of 2019 and then shut down construction in April 2020 due to a COVID-19 related loss in funding. Here we are almost two years later with still no signs of life on that project. I think the town of Dillon needs to force a sale or auction of that project to prequalified contractors, who would need to demonstrate they have the funding and resources to complete the project in a timely manor. The Town Council has issued a number of deadlines for the current Uptown 240 developers that have come and gone, with still no progress on that project. It’s time for a more aggressive approach on the completion of the Uptown 240 project.

Dana Christiansen

The town has done everything it can do at this point. We approved this development because it will be an amazing addition to the town of Dillon, and we were in support of a family with a private piece of land. We are still hopeful for a positive outcome for this project. We do have a plan in place to remove the crane and clean up the area by August if the project doesn’t proceed.

— Renee Imamura

The Uptown 240 project needs to have a fire lit under it, to either get going or clean up its act. Rumor has it that the owners of that private property are close to having financing in place and could restart construction soon. Should this not happen, the town needs to demand some action, such as removal of the crane and cleanup of the site. We don’t want this unfinished project’s image to become synonymous with the town’s image to visitors.

— Tony Scalise

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