Summit County Bike Trails: Gold Run Road |

Summit County Bike Trails: Gold Run Road

Summit Daily staff report
Steve Lunney rides along a stretch of Gold Run Road — near the French Gulch Road trail area — during the Summit Mountain Challenge's Gold Run Rush Wednesday, June 25, 2014.
Clay Schwark / Special to the Daily |

Gold Run Road is a maintained jeep road that travels through Gold Run Gulch — connecting Tiger Road and French Gulch Road northwest of downtown Breckenridge. The road passes the historic Preston ghost town site and over Gibson Hill for a close-up glimpse of a number of well-preserved mining remains. The road also accesses a number of trails in the Golden Horseshoe area.

Know Before You Go: This area is usually the first to lose snow around Breckenridge and is often rideable by June. Large aspen groves also make this an excellent fall ride. Numerous side roads may make route finding a challenge and also provide some additional exploring. However, much of the land is private. To avoid endangering future access in this region, please respect all “No Trespassing” signs. Changes from this description may occur if development and road improvements continue on private lands in this area. Expect occasional jeep traffic. Most historic buildings are private and fragile; please view them from a distance.

Parking: From I-70, follow Highway 9 south to Breckenridge. Turn right at the stoplight on the north edge of town onto North Park. Drive by City Market and park in one of the large lots located on the left side of Park Avenue.

Description: Get onto the paved recpath starting at Watson and bordering the west side of the river. Descend on it toward Frisco for almost 3 miles. Cross the highway at the traffic light onto Tiger Road. Ride almost a mile alongside the Breckenridge Golf Course and turn right onto Gold Run Road (watch for golf balls). Continue uphill to a junction, where you should bear right. Turn left about a quarter mile farther along the paved road. Climb beyond the golf course and eventually ford a creek, which can be a challenging crossing in early summer. Pass the historic Jessie stamp mill and continue climbing, switchbacking right past a spur road on the left. Curve left just past remains of the Jumbo mine and continue straight at a four-way intersection near collapsed structures marking the Preston townsite. Climb more steeply, passing a couple of side roads on the left and right before reaching the high point on Gibson Hill — about 7.2 miles into the ride. Stay on the main road, contouring along a forested slope. Continue straight at a major four-way intersection and descend for about a mile along an aspen-covered hillside. Eventually you’ll switchback right and merge with the well-traveled French Gulch Road. Turn right and descend to a junction. Turn left onto paved Wellington Road and follow it back to Breckenridge. Turn right on Main Street, take the first left onto Watson and ride back to your vehicle.

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