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Owners at restaurants where ’constitutional compliance’ signs were posted say they are following health protocols

A sign labeling businesses as “constitutionally compliant” was posted on the doors of Greco’s Pastaria and Bagalis this week.
Photo by Taylor Sienkiewicz / tsienkiewicz@summitdaily.com

Restaurant owners have removed the signs

*Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that the ’constitutional compliance’ sign at Bagalis has been taken down since the publishing of this article.

Signs on the doors of Bagalis and Greco’s Pastaria calling the Frisco restaurants “constitutionally compliant” businesses popped up this week, sparking opposition from community members.

However, owners of the two businesses say they are following all public health protocols, as the sign suggests otherwise, and Greco’s has taken it a step further by filing a police report as the sign was put up without the restaurant’s permission and promptly removed.

The sign posted on the restaurant doors reads: “Welcome! We are a constitutionally compliant business. We are not infringing on anyone’s unalienable rights. By law, we do not follow any of the governor’s, mayor’s, health department’s or other government agency orders or suggestions pertaining to social distancing or mask wearing. Your health is your responsibility.” A logo for the Constitutional Law Group appears at the bottom of the sign.

Jonny Greco, owner of Grecos, explained that he was out of town when the sign appeared on the restaurant’s door, but heard about the incident from the restaurant’s general manager. The manager saw the sign one day and promptly ripped it off the door.

“Somebody put that on our door overnight. That wasn’t a political statement by my restaurant or anybody that works for me,” Greco said.

Greco said he is working to get the word out for anyone who saw the sign and may now be hesitant to come to the restaurant that the sign doesn’t reflect the restaurant’s views. He added in a text message that the restaurant’s general manager filed a police report about the sign.

The constitutional compliance sign that was posted to the door of Greco’s Pastaria was promptly removed by the restaurant’s general manager. Instead, a sign on the door of the restaurant urges customers to follow public health protocols.
Photo by Taylor Sienkiewicz / tsienkiewicz@summitdaily.com

At Bagalis, owner Joyce De La Torre said that someone came into the restaurant and asked to put the constitutionally compliant sign on the door, which she said was fine. However, De La Torre said that the sign doesn’t mean that the restaurant isn’t following public health orders. She pointed out that the restaurant has been checked on for public health order compliance by the Frisco Police Department multiple times and would not be allowed to stay open if it was out of compliance.

“It’s just a poster. It’s nothing. We from the beginning we have followed the rules … everything that they need us to do for the 5 star program, we have done it,” De La Torre said, alluding to Summit County’s 5 Star Business Certification Program, which both Bagalis and Greco’s are certified under. “The town of Frisco … they’re checking us and our staff. We’re doing what we are supposed to do.”

De La Torre said that people often ask to put signs on the restaurant’s doors and she doesn’t believe the constitutional compliance sign is affecting anyone negatively, which is why she did not originally remove the sign. However, she later decided to take the sign down.

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