Summit Up 8-14-12: Where British pop stars drive around in cars singing stuff |

Summit Up 8-14-12: Where British pop stars drive around in cars singing stuff

Summit Up
Special to the Daily These compassionate Silver Shekel kids were selling lemonade (organic!) and cookies to raise money to benefit the animals of Summit County Animal Shelter recently. Kudos to the kids and their parents!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s still puzzling over this whole closing ceremony thing. You know the one we’re talking about, for the ‘Lympics, which features a ton of different British performers doing their thing Sunday. Viewers of the edited version on TV may have noticed a couple of curious things:8) Many of the performers sang their songs whilst being driven around in cars or buses or on giant wheeled ships. We have never seen anything quite like this before – generally, we suppose, because your average concert stage doesn’t have room for cars driving around on it and also because, well, it’s kinda weird – and don’tya wanna dance a little?4B) You did not have to be among the living to perform. We heard from both John Lennon and Freddie Mercury at the show. Fortunately, Paul McCartney (the live version) played at the opening ceremonies and Queen’s Brian May ripped it up pretty good on guitar at the closer – Freddie or not.vii) We were made to endure the reunion of the Spice Girls (!), also riding around atop cars, but NBC edited out The Who and Muse.MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Say it ain’t so!SU: It’s so. Can you believe it? At least one reader wrote in to Summit Up to gritch. Basinbump wrote as such:”We struggled through all the crappy British bands, then NBC cuts out The Who’s performance. Nuff said.”We concur. had this to say:”Fans looking forward to hearing The Who, Muse , and Ray Davies from the Kinks instead got a commercial-free airing of the new NBC comedy, ‘Animal Practice.'”Cue outrage. At the handle #NBCfail, complaints rolled in. Wrote @ninatypewriter, ‘I think NBC has managed to become even less popular than Congress.'”Wow, we didn’t realized Davies was cut and – icing on the wound! – they showed what looks to be the worst television show every conceived instead. Well, at least we got to see a bunch of people running around singing “Imagine” whilst constructing a bizarre, foam-rubber bust of John Lennon’s face. Kinda creepy.***So the other day we were writing about ancient Pompeii and how you might feel if you were one of the molten corpses preserved forever after the volcano. We were expecting to hear from our resident classicist and Friend of Summit Up Dan Taylor on this, and we weren’t disappointed:”Millions of Summit Up readers can enjoy Pliny the Younger’s eyewitness accounts of the eruption of Pompeii in AD 79 and its aftermath in his two letters on the subject: Epistulae (Letters) VI.16 & 20. In the first he describes his uncle’s voyage to survey the damage, which resulted in the latter’s death, whereas the second recounts, in rather self-serving fashion, how he guides his mother out of danger. Both letters are addressed to his friend Tacitus, arguably ancient Rome’s greatest historian. The easiest way to access these letters is to Google ‘Pliny & Pompeii.’ As always, however, lector caveat (let the reader beware), because the introductions and translations vary considerably in quality.”You’re not kidding, Dan! We were reading Pliny the Younger’s letter to Tacitus regarding the shortage of bananas in Pompeii after the disaster (actually it was a shortage of everything except for lotsa hardening magma), and this Wikipedia translation had stuff about expired Pop Tarts at the Pompeii Mini Mart and some tasteless gags about “needing SPF 3,000.”Sheesh! Lector caveat indeed!***OK, here’s a b-day shout today that reads as such:”Wish John W. Gregory, Jr. a Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous 48th Birthday. Susan’s husband, Brandon and Josh’s Dad, co-owner of Gregory Door & Window, proud Summit County resident since 1982. Mom & Dad (John Sr.) say ‘jump on your bike and take a ride!'”Sound advice! Happy birthday, John. We hope it’s a dandy.***So, although we have sharp criticism for NBC over the whole Who/Animal Practice thing, we have to say we think London did a dandy job hosting the ‘Lympics, and we enjoyed every moment of it (except, maybe, the gerbil toss – although we think we were on a wrong channel) and look forward to Rio in 2016.We out, listening to Who’s Next.

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