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Opinion | Kim McGahey: Censor, cancel and control

Kim McGahey
Conservative Common Sense

The woke cancel culture is alive and well in Summit County.

We see it nightly on the national news and constantly observe how this un-American social cancer has corrupted honest, healthy free speech across our country. But we rarely get any insight into how pervasive cancel culture is in Summit County.

The local complicit liberal media, Democratic elitists running our town councils and county commission and socialist statists in the local population all want to silence the opposition. Cancel culture is the vehicle they have chosen to accomplish the elimination of any dissenting opinions.

Their arrogance demands that most of us commoners should be treated like little children and that their social manipulations are justified because they think we are too stupid to manage our own lives, especially when we subscribe to what they call the outdated morals and values that the founders embodied in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Our perceived inability to make our own decisions by taking personal responsibility for our lives is further demonstrated in their minds by the fact that we chose Donald Trump as our leader and standard bearer.

The prevailing opinion from Summit County elitists and their minions, who weekly flood the Summit Daily News with letters to the editor, is that if you disagree with their big-government, woke narrative, then you should be labeled as a domestic terrorist, racist or some other career-ending moniker that will take you out of circulation and eliminate your opinion from public discourse.

This attack on free speech happens often in the Summit Daily, when the Summit haters club tees up canned letters demonizing anyone who dares to submit a conservative letter, guest opinion or community column. The haters club immediately calls for silencing any conservative opinions and demands that any viewpoints from the right should be eliminated so that those deplorables have no public forum in which to practice free speech.

A specific example occurred recently when a local woman submitted a letter to the editor criticizing the Biden administration for numerous policy decisions that she logically explained would be detrimental to local, regional and national economic and social conditions. Her letter was opinionated but hardly inflammatory and in no way was a personal attack on any individual. It was generic conservative opinion.

The haters club contacted the letter writer’s longtime boss in an out-of-state city and demanded that the letter-writer be fired because of her publicly stated opinions. Cancel culture 101: Go for the employment jugular vein a la latter day McCarthyism and attempt to destroy careers and lives for incorrect thoughts.

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell ran the same thought control when the animals in charge reverted every contrary opinion back to Farmer Jones’ fault saying, “… You don’t want Farmer Jones back do you?” In congressional hearings last week, the U.S. Congress threatened that social media platforms like Twitter, Google and Facebook must censor “unacceptable speech” or risk legislation being passed eliminating their legal protections. Government is now forcing private sector companies to do their dirty work for them.

Fortunately, the employer of our intrepid local letter writer had a backbone, understood the value of loyalty to his outstanding employee and didn’t submit to the bullying techniques of cancel culture. His advice was to stand up for her First Amendment civil liberties and continue to voice her beliefs in the public square.

This undoubtedly sent the haters club into a tailspin, but the boss and the letter writer showed great courage in not giving in to Summit County cancel culture. Their intestinal fortitude needs to be emulated throughout Summit County and across America whenever the cancel culture social warriors and the Twitter reign of terror rear their ugly heads.

If you don’t like somebody else’s opinion, why not simply change the channel, turn the page or ignore them? This is how conservatives handle philosophical opposition. But liberals insist on taking the other guy out, not because they feel threatened but because they want to control other people’s lives.

Recent decisions being made by Summit County commissioners and town councils about COVID-19 restrictions, long-term housing mandates and summer events schedules reflect this obsession with the power to control their constituents.

Cancel culture methodology is to censor the dissension, cancel the opposition and control the population. Don’t let this plague spread any further in Summit County. Don’t let the playground bullies prevail.

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